Puns & Pillows

On December 14, students in Ms. Boss’ 6th grade English classes got into the festive spirit in anticipation of the upcoming break with a “Puns & Pillows” read-aloud day. I had the pleasure of joining one of her classes as they took turns reading from Flying Lessons & Other Stories, all while seated on the floor nestled in pillows brought in especially for the occasion.

Teachers have long known that reading aloud is a powerful way to build positive classroom climate, inspire love of literature, and to support young readers as they stretch their literacy skills. (For more on the benefits of reading aloud in the classroom, see Wesley Sharpe’s “Reading Aloud: Is It Worth It?”) However, on this particular day, it simply felt like being transported to a calm oasis–if only for the length of this class period–during the hustle and bustle of activity leading up to a well-earned break.

Fall Sports Assembly

On Tuesday, December 12, the Middle School gathered in the CFT to celebrate the end of an exciting fall season of sports. In the Fall, students competed in boys flag football, coed tackle football, coed swimming, coed cross country, girls tennis, girls basketball, and physical education. We are so proud of all our athletes for their hard work, commitment, and sportsmanship on and off the field. Great job, Patriots!

The murals are coming!

The mural class has been a middle school favorite for years.The course teaches collaboration, design, spatial relationships and key art concepts such as color, shape, line, and perspective. This year, the mural class had an opportunity to have a docent led tour of community murals in downtown LA. This trip provided a real-world context for our young artists. Back at school, our muralists worked together to generate ideas for two spaces on the Viewpoint campus. 

As-tu faim? Come have crepes with Mme. Sadler’s French class!

On Wednesday, French 1A students were in for a treat–and a “taste” of francophone culture–as they began their day with a crepe-making station prepared by Mme. Sadler! After a teacher demonstration (including a few crepes taste-tested by enthusiastic classmates), students were invited to lend a hand by dipping the crepe maker into the batter and timing it for thirty seconds, watching carefully to ensure that the delicate crepes reached just the right shade of gold before Mme. Sadler carefully removed them to plates for students to embellish with fruit, Nutella and whipped cream. After their snack, the class then performed a traditional Québécois dance, kicking off the holiday season with a party rich in culture and fun. Joyeuses fêtes! (Happy holidays!)

Spirited sweaters can only mean one thing: It’s laundry day! (Wait, no–it’s almost time for Winter Break!)

We were treated to a dazzling, jingling, blinding–er, blinking–array of sweaters filled with holiday cheer on Wednesday’s Ugly / Crazy / Fabulous Holiday Sweater Day! Middle School students and faculty alike brought their most fabulous spirited cozy sweaters and spread a little cheer as we count down the last few days before a well-deserved Winter Break!

Meet Your Math Mentor!

During I Block on Friday, December 1, Middle and Upper School members of Math Mentors (a.k.a. “M&M’s”) met for conversation, some rousing games of poker and other card games, and, of course, M&M’s!

In addition to being paired with an Upper School partner for extra help in math, Middle School Math Mentees enjoy friendship and camaraderie with their Mentors, as well as a sense of connection with our Upper School programs.

Life is truly sweeter when shared with friends!