¡Olé! Celebrating World Languages Week with Flamenco

In celebration of Viewpoint’s World Languages Week, our students were treated to a music and dance performance on Tuesday, March 6, by Sakai Flamenco. In addition to learning about how world migration and the melding of different cultures in Spain resulted in the creation of the art known as flamenco, students were also treated to a quick lesson in the braceo (arm movements), palmas (clapping) and taconeo (foot movements and tapping) that are integral parts of this music and dance form.

Next, two lucky volunteers were introduced to the castañuelas (castanets) and other props that are used by flamenco performers:

Our study of other languages leads to greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, including the tremendous variety of art, music, cuisine, ideas and innovations created by all cultures. World Languages Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the richness of our diverse community, and the enjoyment those differences bring to our lives every day!