Chinese New Year

On Thursday, our Middle and Upper School students celebrated the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Pig) with a special visit from the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center. To our students’ delight, monks from the Shaolin Temple gave a fantastic demonstration of skill and agility in the martial arts, starting with a brief warm-up, kung fu and mock weapons demonstrations, and ending with a fun group photo to commemorate the visit!

After concluding the martial arts portion of the performance, our guests invited student volunteers to participate in a tea ceremony, during which our entire student body was invited to engage in a brief mindfulness meditation. As students focused on each detail of the tea preparation, parallels were drawn with how we may bring this meditative focus on the present moment to each of our daily activities.

It was a special treat to welcome in the new year with the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, and to everyone, xin nian kuai le (in Mandarin, Happy New Year)!

To learn more about some of the common traditions associated with celebrating the Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, visit