MS Advisory Update: Train your Brain to Handle Anger


This week in Advisory, MS students built on their knowledge about the brain as it relates to handling anger in a lesson titled, Train your brain to handle Anger. Students learned more about the amygdala and the reptilian part of the brain, the part concerned with survival and safety where our automatic fight, flight or freeze response kicks in when we feel a threat, whether real or perceived. Nowadays those threats may look like a perceived slight with friends, the upcoming test they think they may fail, a mean post on social media, etc. We talked about how anger feels and how it manifests. We also shared a clip from one of my favorite films, Inside Out, where all family members get angry with one another. We discussed the early warning signs of anger and how we can notice our anger, where it lands in our body, etc., so we can more skillfully choose our response in any given situation, particularly when we feel upset or frustrated.

We wrapped up our time together with an Anger checklist where students could reflect on their anger reactions and healthy ways to deal with anger. They also set a goal to work on one behavior they wanted to change. I highly recommend you talking to your child about this important topic as it relates to their social-emotional learning and growth. And please feel free to be in touch with any sharing. I am passionate about helping our students better understand, express and cope with the whole range of emotions we experience any given today. Thank you!
—Ms. Henning, School Counselor Grades 5-8,