Special Presentation: Middle School Coding and Art Projects

Students in Mr. Martin’s Coding and Art Projects shared their final projects with classmates and special guest visitors on Tuesday, May 21. As Mr. Martin explained to his guests (including Mr. Chan, Ms. Emerson, and yours truly!), students declared their data types (variables), then explained their setup (values, screen sizes, background colors), and then showed their programming for their art project (the main code).

After students explained their code, the audience was treated to a presentation of their projects, in which cursors could be used to create unusual effects or drawings on the screen, objects were made to move, blink, or change colors, and even a “game” involving capturing a bouncing bat were demonstrated. I was impressed to see students, many of whom were new to coding at the start of the semester, create interesting, humorous and beautiful art based on the coding fundamentals learned over the past months. Bravo, digital artists!

A presentation by Olaitan E.
A presentation by Avalon G.