Eighth Grade Civic Engagement

On October 2, our 8th grade students began their Civic Engagement advisory curriculum with a guest presentation by Mr. Roger Williams of Global Human Services. In his presentation, he described to students his volunteer work with the Family Rescue Center in Canoga Park, sharing how he applied his skills and experience toward a greater purpose in promoting community health awareness, and making health care more accessible to people in need.

Later that week, our 8th grade students began engaging in advisory service learning trips to a range of service organizations in our community, such as Activities, Recreation & Care for Individuals with Disabilities, SOVA Community Food and Resource Center, Foster Children’s Resource Center, Family Rescue Center, and Operation Gratitude. Through this service, students are building familiarity with our community, and gaining an understanding of how organizations partner with the community to address shared needs.

Here are some photos from our recent service trips!