Welcome to the 2019 Grade Greek Games Fair!

On Tuesday, April 30, our 6th grade students donned their “chitons” (our modern-day approximation of ancient Greek garb) to host our annual Greek Games Fair! Middle school students and parent guests navigated through a series of advisory “city-states,” where they competed in games of strategy, skill and chance. This festive tradition showcases our 6th grade students’ teamwork and creativity, as each station, inspired by Greek mythology, history, and culture, was designed entirely by our 6th grade students over several weeks in collaboration with their homerooms.

Our 6th grade students thank all of our student and family guests for joining them for a day of community and fun!

Service and Advocacy Bake Sale

Thanks to all MS students, staff, and families who participated in the Service and Advocacy class bake sale on Friday, October 26, to benefit children in the Foster Children’s Resource Center. Your generous baked good donations and purchases helped us to raise over $200! And, congratulations to the creative bakers who won our friendly bake sale competition: Ry D., Avery G., and Avalon G.!


The MS Daily Bulletin goes to YouTube in our first student newscast!

This week the Middle School launched its first Daily Bulletin newscast on YouTube! All interested students were invited to sign up for a chance to be part of this pilot and, for our first newscast, 7th grader Mia N., 8th grader Josh D. and 6th grader Emy M. each presented sections on Middle School I Block activities, Viewpoint community events, and special reminders and upcoming due dates.

The response from our student, faculty and staff viewers this morning was positive, and we look forward to seeing this newscast evolve with more viewer feedback and ideas! Stay tuned for next week’s newscast!

Forging Connections and Community at the Middle School Fall Club Fair

The 2018-2019 school year has officially started: Middle School clubs are up and running!

On Friday, our Middle School students gathered to survey almost two dozen (!) student- and faculty-sponsored clubs and activities, all of which will form part of their I Block choice-based programming throughout the semester. Through activities serious and playful, and as varied as Garden Club, Service Learning Club, Junior Classical League, Dungeons and Dragons, Yoga and Mindfulness, and Student Council, students have the opportunity to build friendships, collaborate and problem-solve with their peers, all while engaging in projects that reflect their unique interests and meet broader community needs.

Here’s a sampling of the opportunities our creative students and faculty sponsors have launched for the new school year!


Middle School: Day One

It was an exciting first day in the Middle School! Students and adults alike made new friends and reconnected with our community, everyone full of stories from summer adventures or retreats, some of us a few of inches taller (!), and all of us ready and eager to embark on the new year!

Oh yes: we ALSO ate lunch. (We missed you, too, Kitchins’ Kitchen!) 🙂

Connections and Spirit in the Middle School

On Wednesday, our Middle School students and faculty kicked off the school year with Advisory get-to-know-you games and spirit activities, including choosing an Advisory team name (Mrs. Boss’ Advisory group, a.k.a. “Boss Babies,” has picked a winner in my book!) and spelling out the number of their grade with all of the students in the grade. Seventh Grade really pulled it together in terms of speed to win that last contest, but competition was fierce!*

*”Protests” were raised by “independent observers” that the number six was much harder to form and that, therefore, the other grades really had an unfair advantage…but I would argue that ALL grades did a marvelous job!


Advisory Field Day 2018!

On Tuesday, our Middle School Advisories took part in a Student Council-organized I Block Field Day on Ring Family Field! The contests included a themed-dress competition (of which you can enjoy a marvelous sampling, below); best Advisory cheer; math, spelling and history contests; and physical contests such as the relay and hula races (featured in our video clip). What a spirited way to kick off May!

Ms. Hicks’ “Weekend Workout Warriors”

Marquez’ “Minions”

Mrs. Didden’s Advisory, “Blamo”

Ms. Burch’s Advisory, “Straight Off Da Couch”

The spelling competition was fierce!

Students intensely focused during the history trivia contest…

Middle and Upper School Connections: Team Relay Challenge!

During I block today, members of the Upper School cross country team organized the first annual Team Relay Challenge for 8th grade students! 8th grader were invited to Ring Family Field to engage in a relay race including hula-hooping, tower-building and speed-walking, all hosted by Upper School biology teacher and cross country coach Justin Hackitt and Upper School student organizers.

Not only did our Middle and Upper School students enjoy the beautiful morning (and, of course, treats!), but our 8th graders made connections and engaged in some friendly sportsmanship with Upper School cross country runners–the future teammates of those who choose to take up this discipline- and camaraderie-building sport next year!